£31 Million Security Package: Is It Enough to Protect MPs from Mob Violence?

£31 Million Security Package: Is It Enough to Protect MPs from Mob Violence?

The UK is allegedly sliding into “mob rule,” according to Rishi Sunak, who also cautioned authorities to act quickly or risk losing the public’s trust.

The prime minister vowed to do “whatever it takes to protect our democracy” and called for an end to demonstrations.

£31 Million Security Package: Is It Enough to Protect MPs from Mob Violence?
The prime minister vowed to do “whatever it takes to protect our democracy” and called for an end to demonstrations.

He informed police chiefs that they needed to show that they would “use the powers you already have” during a special meeting in Downing Street on Wednesday afternoon. He said that this was “vital for maintaining public confidence in the police.”

He went on to say, shocking everyone with his appraisal of contemporary Britain, “There is a growing consensus that mob rule is replacing democratic rule.” And it has to be changed immediately by all of us working together.

£31 Million Security Package

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“I will do whatever it takes to defend our democracy and our values that we all hold dear,” he declared.
“It provides clarity that protests at elected representatives’ homes should be treated as intimidatory,” he said, hailing a new police strategy.

Additionally, the protocol cautions against allowing political gatherings or rallies at democratic locations like the parliament to “cause alarm, harassment or distress” to those in attendance.

£31 Million Security Package

There will be more patrols by the military in areas where there might be “potential flashpoints.”

He had already rebuffed requests for terrified lawmakers to work from home in an effort to defend security protocols that some claim go short of addressing the underlying causes of attacks on public officials.
The prime minister, according to No. 10, thought the WFH notion was “appalling” and that “we shouldn’t be closing down parliament” due to radicals.

Protests against the Gaza War have raised tensions, and Members of Parliament are under tremendous pressure to support demands for a ceasefire.

£31 Million Security Package

Prior to this, Mr. Sunak denounced a pro-Gaza demonstrator “aggressive mob” that was at Tory MP Tobias Ellwood’s house.

Last week, there were also tense and disorderly scenes at Westminster following accusations made against Speaker of the House of Commons Sir Lindsay Hoyle for allegedly tearing up the parliamentary rule book in response to a vote on a ceasefire in Gaza due to “threats” to Members of Parliament.

However, one of the government’s own ministers is criticizing the new £31 million security package for Members of Parliament, claiming it is “missing the point.”

The justice minister, Mike Freer, stated that the steps would “not actually [go] to the root cause” of why individuals felt encouraged to attack MPs. Freer, who will step down at the next election due to threats to his safety, has begun to wear a stab vest at public engagements.

£31 Million Security Package
Mike Freer, stated that the steps would “not actually [go] to the root cause

There should be a “ring of steel” surrounding politicians, he added.

The gift of security arrived as:

  • The Conservatives, according to Sir Keir Starmer, have turned into the “political wing of the flat earth society” and are engaged in conspiracy theories.
  • Additionally, the head of the Labour Party urged Mr. Sunak to prevent Liz Truss from running in the general election on the grounds that she “remained silent as right-wing thug Tommy Robinson was described as a hero.”
  • Pro-Palestinian demonstrators promised not to stop marching in spite of requests from the administration to do so.
  • James Cleverly, the home secretary, revealed the additional funds in response to “frightening” threats made against Members of Parliament and their families.
£31 Million Security Package

Plans call for increased police protection for MPs and the possibility of private security guards for individuals who pose a larger danger. Police will determine the extent of protection, which may include controversial personalities such as George Galloway, should he win this week’s by-election in Rochdale.

Additionally, each candidate and elected official will have a specific police contact with whom to communicate with security-related issues.

However, Mr. Freer, who represents a mostly Jewish electorate in north London’s Finchley and Golders Green, claimed the additional spending did not deal with the root of the issue.

He said to Times Radio, “I kind of think it’s missing the point.” “While adding security is usually a good idea, it just addresses the symptom.

£31 Million Security Package

In reality, it won’t address the underlying reason. Why do individuals feel more comfortable attacking lawmakers and holding protests outside of their houses, frightening their families? Their family, not the MP necessarily.

Why should they have to tolerate fear in their own homes for their partners and kids?

Thus, security is a good thing. However, in all honesty, you’re just going to have a steel ring around MPs unless you address the underlying issue. And our entire democratic model shifts.

The government “rightly needs to ensure that democracy is protected and that no one faces security threats either for themselves or their family because of the job they do or their democratic role,” according to Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary.

£31 Million Security Package

Just Stop Oil, which has supported rallies outside MPs’ homes, tweeted Sir Keir “we’ll be with you in a few hours” shortly after the additional measures were announced. For us, turn on the kettle.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators, in the meantime, pledged to carry on with their marches in spite of requests to stop. Marchers were informed they had made their “point” by Mr. Cleverly.

However, ministers are being accused by Chris Nineham, deputy chairman of the Stop the War Coalition, of inciting a “social panic” in response to pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

Because of worries about security in Westminster, Labour MP Harriet Harman has proposed that lawmakers should be able to speak and vote from their home districts.

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